Victoria Tran

supplemental insurance agent,Family Heritage

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(512) 831-0038

Family Heritage
8300 North Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX 78753

What can Victoria do for you!

Insurance that is fully refundable if never used? What?

We provide insurance that helps supplement your income if cancer, a heart attack or stroke, or an accident strikes, or if you suddenly end up in the ICU for any reason so you won’t have to worry about making ends meet while your expenses pile up as you try to recover. In addition to taking on that risk for you, we are fully refundable if any of those policies never get used. Not only that, but we fit any budget AND we will never raise the premiums once you lock in your rate.

I lead a double life as a business lawyer

Know more about Victoria

Not only am I a licensed insurance agent, but I am also a practicing attorney. Although I do general practice, I do focus on business law. My goal is to create good and long-lasting relationships with my clients in order to assist them with any needs which may occur.

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