Tammy Mckinney

Tammy Mckinney

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What can Tammy do for you!

I believe your greatest potential in life and business is waiting to be unlocked!
  • What are your growth objectives in business and life? What are your biggest challenges? How intentionally do you evaluate the cause and effect of your results? Are you ready for more success and significance? Do you have thinking partners that challenge you to go to the next level?
  • No matter how awesome or challenging our life is, we all have the opportunity to achieve and experience more. Growth toward our goals in business and any area of life comes with unlocking the right combination of attitude, knowledge, strategy and action.
  • Unlocking Life inspires, educate and activate the unlocking of great potential to reach big goals. I offers information, products and programs for the pursuit of personal and professional development, transformation, growth, leadership, success and significance. I speak, train and coach on proven principles and practices to unlock success through study and practical application of proven systems and actions.
  • I partner with individuals, teams, families, businesses, churches, communities and organizations. We are here to challenge and add value as you: Work out what’s most important => What the desired change or outcomes are => How to go and achieve it?
  • I am the founder and principal coach at Unlocking Life. I leverage years of corporate adn small business experience, training, skills and life values to deliver powerful result driven teaching, speaking and coaching. I am proud to be member of the world class John Maxwell Team and National Assoc of Women Professionals. I enlists my network of resources to provide leading principles, products and practices for growth, success and significance, based on your goals and desired results.

    Let’s talk what success and significance means to you!

I am COOLTXMOM … I do know, it’s not cool to call yourself cool… the kids told me

Know more about Tammy

We all have a long list of values. It just so happens that my top 7 values are all ‘F’ words!

Faith! Family! Fun! Friends! Fitness! Food! Freedom!

My life’s journey is full of wonderful blessings, lessons from failures, great achievements, hard work, lots of fun and some terribly challenging trials. I see God using all of it, to grow and bless myself and others. I am privileged to use my gifts, talents, training and life experiences to connect, inspire, teach and coach others. I LOVE to share life’s journey, as we navigate and celebrate, in pursuit of our greatest potential for success and significance in all areas of life.

Generally… I AM compassionate, fun loving, hardworking, joy-seeking, imperfect, goofy, kind, forgiving, messy, adventurous, athletic, dedicated, Christian, wife, mother, grammy, friend, coach, businesswoman, leader and absolutely… a work in process.

Some true confessions… I am NOT good at housekeeping, singing, makeup, being trendy and many other things that I chose not to work very hard at 🙂 It takes much effort to limit my use of PURPLE and “!!!!!!!!!” and talking too much with my hands. I also love #snapchat, #emojis and #hashtags. We all have our #flaws 🙂

My personal mission is to keep unlocking significance and joy in all areas of life, while adding value to others. I am a passioinate advocate for continuous personal and professional growth while pursuing the success and significance you desire. Freedom comes from knowing and living your purpose and priorites every day. I believe wholeheartedly that my life’s purpose is to challenge others to achieve their great potential in life, personally and professionally as they add value to themselves and the world they impact.

I have been a sr. manager in big companies, started a few of my own businesses, served on teams, boards, committees and earned some degrees and certifications. I am a leader. But… leadership is behavior and influence, not titles. We all have a sphere of influence at work, home, church, recreation, socially, etc. When we lead with our time, talent and resources, we achieve success and significance.

My desire daily is to add value to others by brining the study and application of growth, communication and leadership to individuals and teams. I am honored to be a member of the John Maxwell Team. It is a great privilege to be trained and licensed to share some of the greatest principles on leadership, significance, teamwork, communication and growth ever written. It is simply one of the world’s greatest team for coaches, trainers and speakers to be trained, mentored, and be supported by great minds. I am committed to represent the team and my business with: Integrity, Truth, Excellence, Honor, Accountability, Responsibility and Respect

You can scope out more of my passions and personality on FB COOLTXMOM and Unlocking Life. Instagram: COOLTXMOM and Unlocking.Life Of course, social media is mostly only the good stuff 🙂