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Saturn Barter Company

Austin, TX 75040


What can Tamara do for you!

We help business lower their bottom line, build their business and gain more ownership benefits through barter with other business owners.

  • We are a Trade Organization allowing our members to take better advantage of being a business and keep more profits in their pocket. We also help businesses add new customers who have a deep well of referrals. We take the difficulty and guess work out of traditional barter, as well as give the freedom to barter with anyone in the system – you don’t have to want what someone else wants to barter with you to be able to get your best benefits, organize it!
  • We are very established with over 2500 members in the Seattle and Tacoma areas, growing rapidly in Austin, and already have the everyday things that businesses and owners need: Advertising and Marketing, Lawn service, Optometry, Dental, Doctors, restaurants, pet care, maid service, and more.
  • I look forward to answering any questions you may have and getting you set up to gain new customers and buy what you already do – Better! Also, we have excellent incentives to grow the Austin market at this time.

Know more about Tamara

Keep more money in your pocket and get more of the benefits of business ownership.
  • I love living in Austin – I have been here a few years, have been all over the country and this is the place I love, it’s home.
  • I have a passion for small business. For many years I owned and operated a small business in Orlando Florida. We started out as a radio dispatched Handyman Service and within about 10 years grew to provide interior and exterior home painting to many of the pro golfers and Orlando Magic players in Central Florida. During that time we did a few trades in barter, mainly with physicians and professional service providers. They loved it and so did we! I got my first taste of barter.
  • When I was introduced to Saturn Barter I saw something special, and knew I wanted to be a part of it. The owner Kent Johnson is someone who has a passion for helping businesses thrive. I was hooked!
  • During a conversation about your business we know that it’s the unique offerings that make your business stand out and I attempt to uncover that and create an environment for growth and partnership through Saturn Barter.
  • I love it!
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