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Healing the world…one person at a time!

Through education, caring, and sharing, my goal is to make available accurate information so that, you too, can join so many others in better health and wellness. Some soundbites for those of us who live that way:

  • Redox is already in your body…always was and always will be. You would not have been conceived without it, would not have developed from a zygote to a human, nor would you survive reading this if you did not produce sufficient amounts to sustain your life.
  • The bio tech company I represent has managed to do the “impossible” …which is to manufacture redox outside of a living cell. The true breakthrough happened in 2010 when they were able to stabilize these molecules for periods greater than a year. Now it can be shipped around the world.
  • ASEA redox is bio-identical to the redox inside your own body’s cells so it is seen as NATIVE…way better than any natural methods of enhancing cellular health and wellness.
  • It is patented, proven, and protected. Only a few elements in our entire world are 100% non-toxic. ASEA redox is exactly that (100% non-toxic)!
    Questions you should ask of any supplement:
    1) What is it? – Cell signaling supplement
    2) What does it do? – Turns on genes
    3) Why do I need it? – Our cells are breaking down
  • Want validation? Ask me for clinical tests because I am happy to provide. The most recent one will demonstrate that 5 important areas of genetic expression were restored in a test bed of subjects with an average age of 35 (both male/female and white/non-white). It was a randomized double-blind placebo controlled study which was reviewed and approved by Quorum Review Independent Review Board. The results were that every person taking ASEA redox had the same positive results of enhanced expression after 8 weeks in these 5 key areas (up to 31%). Neither the placebo nor the control group had any change. Following an 8 week washout period, everyone was tested again and all were at their pre-trial basis.
    + Immune System: 50 Million Americans suffer autoimmune disorders. This (Autoimmune Disorders) is in the top 10 causes of death in female children and women in all age groups up to 64. Symptoms can affect all body organs.
    + Inflammatory Response: In addition to all forms of joint issues, gout, lupus and fibromyalgia…chronic inflammation is linked to heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke and cancer.
    + Cardiovascular: 1 in 3 deaths in US listed cardiovascular as the underlying cause. ~ every 40 seconds, an American will have a heart attack and another one will have a stroke.
    + Digestive Function: Estimated 57% of US population will suffer from serious to intermittent digestive disorders. Digestive diseases are the leading cause of time lost from work for male employees.
    + Hormone Modulation: Almost 80% of women suffer from some kind of hormone imbalance. In US diabetes is the most common endocrine disease.

When your cells are not communicating properly they cannot help you. All healing depends upon your cells being able to respond properly to issues. Even with everything that is brought to them via nutrition (whether through food/drink or supplementation) and proper hydration, they cannot do it without proper signaling.

House on Fire: Think of your house being on fire and the fire station in your area is ready. They have all the tools, trucks and firemen…but when you try to call them to report the problem, your cell signal is not working properly. Even if a call does manage to get through, it is defective or missing some important words. Because of this, the fire-team and their truck cannot be dispatched so help does not arrive in time.

Different form of healing: Athletes love this because it enhances their performance, increases their endurance, accelerates their recovery, and improves their mental acuity. Whether you are a casual athlete, weekend warrior, or compete at a high level, your training and events create stress on the body and it also needs to heal (recover). Because redox is native and present in all living athletes (smile), it could never be listed as a banned substance but we still provide documents to certify compliance with all known banned substances as required by professional organizations including the Olympic committee.

Ask for Before and After pictures…you will be amazed!

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My wife and I are happy to call the Hill Country our new home although we still have property in North Texas. After developing that land for almost 20 years, we finally “got the memo” and headed south.

In 2013, we decided to follow our 3 adult children who (one at a time) made Austin their home. We now have 2 grandchildren, which make life so much more fun.

We love it here and celebrate close relationships with our children (and their children).

I hope to develop many new relationships with the people in this area and while my “drinking days” are behind me, an occasional glass of wine or margarita amongst friends can make a nice time even better.

Ask me for a 1:1 so I can get to know you!