Sharon George

Owner/Principal Architect,

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License No: TBAE Architect #21669

(512) 655-3524

Austin, TX 78759

What can Sharon do for you!

Architectural design for new homes and remodels.

Dreaming about building a custom home? I can help you:

  • Get clear on your vision – What do you want to build and what can you build.
  • Build a functional, beautiful home that is tailored to your lifestyle, aesthetic style, your family needs and personal desires.
  • Design for your climate so that you have an energy-efficient, healthy, durable, and low-maintenance building.
  • Create an inspiring asset that makes the most of your unique property.
  • Manage your project by orchestrating the processes, the team, and the schedule
Architecture, Design, Project Management, Custom Homes, Green Building.

Know more about Sharon

In all things that can be described on a spectrum, I crave for balance between the extremes. I am artistic and analytical. The introvert in me loves to work by myself in my studio – imagining, drawing, creating, designing.

The extrovert in me loves to meet people from different backgrounds and build relationships. I enjoy time with my family, but I also need alone time – to ponder and reflect.

I love to travel and explore the corners of the world, but I also love the comforts of home. And all that serves me and my clients in my role as an architect. I bring over 15 years of my experience in high-end custom residential design, construction, and project delivery to help you build your dreams.

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