Scott Richards

Founder CEO,

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8317 Asmara Dr.
Austin, TX 78750

What can Scott do for you!

Because the world is a better place with you in it!
  • Cloud Safety Systems Inc. personal fall protection belts are going to save lives and improve the quality of life for people around the world at work, in rehabilitation facilities, and for our aging seniors.
  • We provide a quantum leap in fall protection to prevent or minimize injuries from falls using cutting edge technology that detects when a fall has begun and the speed of airbag inflation to cushion the fall before you reach the walking surface.
Extending the independent life style of our seniors as they age.

Know more about Scott

Cloud safety Systems Inc. was founded by our CEO Scott Richards is growing under the experienced guidance of our COO Craig Carlson and is finalizing the fall detection technology with the expertise of our CTO Henry Jacobs.

We are looking for support, sponsorship and/or investment from interested parties who see the scope of the impact that these revolutionary fall detection/protection devices will have in minimizing injuries from falls and who have specialized experience in manufacturing for the industrial market and the healthcare/life sciences market.

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