Saurabh Majumdar

CEO & Founder,

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What can Saurabh do for you!

Digital Marketing Ecommerce Expert. Helping Businesses to Reduce Cost of Acquisition, Increase Retention and Create Social Proof and Having Fun!
  1. Help you create or streamline your digital marketing strategy and roadmap
  2. Help in Lead Generation on your website via multiple channels
  3. Help in creating best landing pages which convert based on best practices
  4. SEO and SEM strategies with core skills in SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate & Paid Search
  5. Extensive Experience in Adwords and Bing paid advertising and lead generation ( Managed over $1M Ad Spends in my previous eCommerce business)
  6. Help you identify the right tools to be more productive in Digital Marketing, Its all about measuring the right KPIs and Improving those.
  7. Help you identify the right IT and Marketing partners to engage with.
  8. Implementing best practices within the business to leverage existing IT assets, User generated Content etc.
  9. Building a technology and product road map ( My first business was an IT services company with over 45 People which was acquired)
  10. If you run an eCommerce business I can help you with online marketing and conversion on site.

What do I do now:
I am the founder of Tellofy, a software platform which helps businesses capture real time customer sentiment, across channels ( web, online, in store- on premise), is present across devices (mobile, web and tablet) and in multimode ( text, pics, audio and video).

This means we are present across the customer journey helping businesses collect more and collect better feedback. Our on premise solutions capture the customer experience as it happens (moment of truth) resulting in response rates over 80%. This User Generated Content not only helps in generating valuable trusted content but is great in creating social proof, generating repeat customers and reducing costs of acquisition for businesses.

Turning Customers & Audiences to Brand Advocates

Know more about Saurabh

I love to innovate, I am onto my 3rd Startup called tellofy. I have been fortunate that I have been able to start companies from scratch, grow them and then had a good exit. So you can say a Serial Entrepreneur, have worked and lived across 3 continents. Right now exploring Austin and love meeting people, playing tennis and the outdoors.

Digital Marketing, E-commerce and Web Technologies are my passion and core skills. Having grown businesses from zero to multimillion dollar revenues with a very low capital base I have learned and know what it takes today in the internet marketing world to scale.

I am a big fan of customer service and as we all know Word of Mouth is FREE!

The real time collection engine of tellofy is the first step, it all starts with collecting reviews in a more managed and in a better way from your customers. Tellofy is an invite only platform to maintain trust and to ensure that only people who are approached by the business ( via email request, text, or approached by the tablet) i.e. Genuine Customers can leave a feedback.

There is much beyond collection:
The Tellofy engine works to generate sentiment from the content, engagement engine allows you to reply and respond to comments manually or via the marketing automation tools, Grow engine uses this content in lead generation and the social share engine allows you to share this content across your social platforms ( imagine all the video testimonials on your web and social platforms, you can even embed them in emails you sent to prospects).

This is a great tool to get people’s attention and establish credibility in the early stage of the sales lifecycle.

Tellofy solutions can collect feedback for the business or for each and every product if you are in e-commerce. (Product level ratings)