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Owner and Founder, Find Your Branch Genealogy

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Find Your Branch Genealogy

Austin, TX

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  • Find Your Branch Genealogy helps you find those unsolved or hidden family mysteries lurking in your tree. Do you want to find information on your great grandparents or your aunts and uncles? I can help you! With years of experience helping individuals find the clues to their past, Find Your Branch Genealogy is well versed in the field of genealogy and knows where to look to not only find passed relatives, but also living ones. Give me a call today to get your tree started!
  • I belong to the Austin Genealogical Society.

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Aside from genealogy, my biggest passions are music and travel. I do social media for A Suitcase Named Desire Travel Agency (Dana Gribble, who is also a part of ABLE, is my mom) and I am also a freelance writer, with experience writing about music, lifestyle, food, crime, LGBTQ topics, non-profits, and much more. I write about music over at Listen Here Reviews ( I started the website in 2013, and since then Listen Here Reviews has amassed a loyal following of not only national readers, but international followers as well, particularly in Europe and the UK. The site covers all genres.

If you need help writing website copy, a blog post, newsletter, or any other writing needs you may have, please let me know. I love helping clients get the word out about their business or lending a new voice to their publication.

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