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I help people save on their largest household bill; their energy bill. I can help you save money regardless of where you reside. I offer complimentary Energy Audits during which we address the six factors that can save you money on your energy bill.

  • Inside and outside your home
  • Your appliances
  • Lifestyle
  • Landscape
  • energy devices
  • Who can use my services?
  • Anybody who pays an electric bill. that includes
  • Home owners
  • Renters
  • apartment or condo dwellers
  • Businesses
  • New home buyers
  • If you’re about to remodel or redecorate
  • Your last energy audit was over 5 years ago
  • Is my service free?
  • When I learned how much money I was saving each month on my energy bill, I couldn’t believe it!
  • I do more than recommend a good movie or restaurant. I’m passionate about educating people about energy savings.
  • Saving on energy is not just use less. It is using energy wisely and to your best advantage.
  • If you like my service and recommendations, I will gratefully accept whatever compensation you feel is appropriate.
  • A testimonial and future referrals are the preferred blessing.

Call 512-466-1999 to schedule your complimentary energy audit and begin saving.

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