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Your Business in One Cloud
  • Most businesses use between 8-12 different cloud-based products to plan and run their operations. The problem is, not only is this fragmented approach expensive from a licensing perspective, it is also costly from a productivity perspective, and has the added disadvantage of leaving businesses with their data spread out over all of these products.
  • Clear Gem brings together the products you need to run your business in one integrated business operations cloud, and our gem-technology allows your data to flow in a manner that boosts productivity and business performance.
  • Let us show you how with a quick 10-15 min demonstration.
Helping turn your Business Gems into Business Value!

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Clear Gem offers:

  • Low risk, month to month subscription of each of its products, with no cancellation penalties.
  • Start-up assistance.
  • Configuration & Integration Services for more complex projects.