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4413 Spicewood Springs Rd #216

Austin, Texas 78759



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Free yourself to live a life of happiness!

Using powerful methodologies of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we get to the root of common issue we face in our society. Some of these issues may include smoking, over-eating, stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, fears, bad habits, sexual issues, anger management, self-confidence issues and more.

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Using powerful methodologies of hypnotherapy, I can get to the root and free you of just about any issue!
  • Jason Lascurain is a Master Hypnotist based in Austin, Texas. He received his training from one of the finest schools of hypnotism in the nation: Cascade Hypnosis Center, which uses the class material and structure from Master Hypnotist, author, speaker, and founder of Cal Banyan Hypnosis Center, Cal Banyan. His training provides him the powerful tools of 5-PATH® hypnosis, which is more than just administering direct suggestions. 5-PATH® is a procedure of hypnosis that goes beyond suggestions by getting to the root of the cause of the challenges we face every day. The process even goes further than that for a completely positive experience.
  • Before becoming a hypnotist, Jason taught abroad for a decade. While teaching overseas, he was able to travel to numerous foreign lands and grew immense interest in understanding why people have the habits they have. This fascination grew into compassion. He strived to make a difference in the world by helping people from all walks of life and with all types of personal challenges.
  • Jason grew up and has family in Southern California but now calls Northern Austin home.
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