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Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Vegana Hannah

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Vegana Hannah

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Health, Fitness, and Plant-Based Nutrition

I specialize in created customized exercise and nutrition programs that work around their lifestyle and schedule. My programs are primarily done remotely, however I do offer mobile personal training, group training, meal prep coaching, and grocery store outings within the Austin area. I specialize in plant-based nutrition, functional fitness, cross-training, HIIT, weight loss, and muscle building.

Making Health Mainstream

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I’m a native Austinite and recently found my way in to the health and fitness industries 3 years ago. The only background I have in sports is 5 years of gymnastics in primary school, so I literally had to start from scratch. I always longed to be one of those people that stayed fit and went to the gym consistently but lacked the motivation to do so, so I decided to get a job in the gym industry. I started working front desk while I went to a PT certification school, joined the Gold’Fit program at my gym, and learned all I could in 5 months before becoming a trainer myself. From there I transformed my lifestyle, started eating healthier, and eventually started bodybuilding. To this day I’m an NFF Bikini pro, and independent fitness and nutrition coach. I absolutely love empowering others to transform their lives and experience all of the benefits of living an active and plant-based lifestyle.