Greg Thrash

Managing Partner, Innovations in Medical Revenue

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Fax : 888-337-1865



Innovations in Medical Revenue

Austin, Texas

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Helping Physicians Thrive, Not Just Survive

  • Our mission is to help independent physicians focus on providing quality patient care while we focus on the financial health of their business – we help get these practices paid fully and timely.
  • We are an independent affiliate of a nationwide provider of back-office support for medical practices. We help make independent practices more profitable, more efficient and more compliant. We offer multiple innovative solutions that enable our clients to effectively manage their practice and instantly increase cashflow.
  • Our services generate larger and faster reimbursements, reducing the number of rejected claims to less than generally 2%, thus eliminating the cash flow crunch many practices experience.
  • As a revenue cycle manager, we develop and execute customized solutions that results in higher efficiency, lower costs and increased revenue to small independent practices.
  • Over the last 25 years we have helped thousands of medical practices dramatically improve their bottom line, retain and attract more patients, and remain in compliance with government regulation.

Know more about Greg

  • Texas A&M University – Mays School of Business
  • Retired Special Agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration after 30 years of service.
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