Gina Zook

Mentor Director/Orientation Trainer, Seedling

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8001 Centre Park Drive
Austin, TX 78754


What can Gina do for you!

I’d Love To Help You!
  • I can introduce you to a program that helps support children who have an incarcerated parent.
  • I can train you to become a volunteer mentor and start you on the way toward making a meaningful difference in the lives of these children.
  • You will have ongoing support if you decide to take the step to become a mentor.
  • Seedling Mentors is an amazing non-profit serving Austin ISD and several surrounding districts. We have children right now on a waiting list to receive a mentor. Ask me how you can become a volunteer one day a week and make an impact!

Know more about Gina

  • In my personal time, I love to spend time with my two children, hike, explore new places (especially related to water and rocky areas), and visit historical and scientific sites.
  • I am an avid movie-goer, enjoy a variety of music, and have a soft spot for animals.
  • I enjoy meeting new people, making friends, and being introduced to new hobbies.