Fred Blum

Performance Coach,

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4330 Bull Creek Road,
Austin, TX 78731

What can Fred do for you!

Heal Your Body. Ease Your Mind. Change Your Life.
  • High-performing individuals are committed to operating at their best but often don’t get the support they need. This ultimately leads to breakdown in some area… professionally, in health, relationships, well-being… it has to happen somewhere. To try to “power through” under these conditions is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic!
  • Maybe it’s time for a new approach. I work with high performers to ensure that they have the support THEY need to be awesome at work AND in life!
  • As a coach, my work is about supporting you to live an Energy Rich Life: A life of productivity, vitality, flow, peace and wellness. We’ll identify outcomes that you define as part of your Amazing Life and move systematically toward them by freeing up the energy and resources you need and supporting you in using those resources most effectively.
  • A key difference between my work and many other systems of change is that we always liberate the resources you need FIRST before asking you to take that next step in your life. I’ll challenge you, but I’ll always be monitoring that you have the inner resources you need. At each level, a new world of possibilities opens up.
  • My clients consistently discover increased the ability to produce powerful results in the world while cultivating a balance of body, mind & spirit.
  • Develop mastery of Action, Mind & Energy (Take AME!)…become UNSTOPPABLE.

Know more about Fred

Degrees in psychology and chiropractic alone might qualify Dr. Fred to speak about stress, mind/body connection, peak performance, leadership and productivity. Add to that 25+ years of study with some of the world’s greatest teachers in human potential, holistic health, energy and spirituality, 30+ years in martial arts, performing in a comedy troupe off-Broadway and a genuine interest in learning and helping people grow. Dr. Fred brings a unique perspective toward creating or navigating change. As a speaker/trainer, his presentations are more about transformation than information.