Dina L Wilcox

Founder and CEO, Raising Healthy Voices

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Raising Healthy Voices


Round Rock, TX 78681


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…because human is an extraordinary thing to be

  • I am a freelance editor, proofreader and writing coach.
  • I can jazz up, or smooth down, your website words, your business promotionals and your blogs.
  • What I love to do is work with 1st-time writers who have a book inside them that they long to bring out. I know all the pitfalls and all the fears, and just how to, gently, help put them aside so you can write your one-of-a-kind story. Whether you know it or not, the best way we learn how to be humans together is by sharing our stories with each other.

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Ask me what I’m doing with science?!

When I retired from practicing law, I got curious about my brain and some other things going on inside me, so i started reading science books. To understand, I had to translate them to my own language, and then I thought maybe other people would be curious, too. My first book, Why Do I Feel This Way? is about neuroscience of feeling, emotions and memories. My newest book: How Do I Know? The Divine Logic of Reality, takes a stab at making sense of quantum physics (among other things).

When I met ABLE, I knew I had found a good place to be, where the smart and creative people are making their entrepreneurial dreams come true. Thanks for great welcome, ABLE! Here’s looking at you!

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