Brandon Yager

Brandon Yager

Certified NLP Master Coaches & Trainers, Yager Training Company

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Yager Training Company

Austin, TX 78704

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What can Brandon do for you!

Training Empowerment to Individuals to Train their Minds to Get Results & Success.

We are certified Master Coaches & Trainers of NLP – Nuero Linguistic Programming. We train business owners, entrepreneurs, sales people and individuals looking to learn the most powerful and innovative technologies in the field of personal growth and development. We don’t just provide a motivational and inspirational training environment, we teach people how to model excellence through critical thinking techniques. Our purpose is to empower individuals to use these technologies in the mind to improve there life and teach others in business and personal, so everyone can achieve high performance results in life. You first learn how to communicate with self and then you can master communication with others and advanced language patterns and techniques to build deep relationships and achieve higher sales and income goals in life.

Let Go of the Past, that’s Not Helping you Create the Future you Desire!

If you are looking to take your life or business to the next level like we have, contact us for a private conversation about the area in life you are most looking forward to enhance. We have custom coaching programs and personal break through trainings throughout the year in Austin TX. Call or email and we can get you dates and additional information.

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