Belinda G Mendoza


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(512) 740-1251

P.O. Box 181205
Austin, TX 78718

What can Belinda do for you!

I improve the energy flow in spaces so people can attract wealth and success and live happier lives. I am a Feng Shui Master, Design Consultant, Decorator, Stager, Energy worker
  • I help people sell their houses faster through effective energetic staging.
  • I help people find the best lots, homes, offices to live or work that will create harmony and success.
  • I energetically clear/cleanse spaces of stagnant energies so they feel better and do better.
  • I design, decorate, or stage homes so people love their spaces and want to come home to them.
  • I educate, give talks, workshops, seminars, on ways to improve your business, create more wealth, improve your relationships, have better health, be more creative, and attract abundance.
  • I work with interior designers and organizers to help my clients achieve their best results.
  • I advise on landscapes for homes and businesses for great curb appeal to invite good chi.
  • I do life guidance readings for people for more clarity and peace of mind when making important decisions.
  • I do energy work on people and pets while on site at a consultation or as a separate appt.
  • I do phone consultations for those who live out of town. All I need is an accurate floor plan and photos of the space.
Feng Shui Services; Decorating and Design for Interior and Landscape; Energy work

Know more about Belinda

  • I have over 20 yr.s of sales marketing experience in the field and as a leader. I led sales teams to success. I have been an energy worker for about the same time so have a keen ability to read people and help them with their energy levels.
  • I love strategizing, brainstorming with business owners and entrepreneurs on making their businesses more successful.
  • I love helping people who want to be helped and are enthusiastic about my art. Those who are open and willing to receive the success they say they want.
  • I love helping local small to medium-sized businesses as they need it the most and often do not have the resources of corporate giants. They are anxious to make changes I suggest and see results quickly.
  • I love what I do and am grateful to be able to be doing it now for almost 20 yrs.
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