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Austin, TX 78758

What can Kate do for you!

  • Errands
  • Coordination of repairs/household maintenance
  • Small business/office support
  • Social Media Management
  • Gift wrapping
  • Holiday decorating/undercoating
  • Packing/unpacking
  • Kon Marie style decluttering/organization
  • Online research/purchasing
  • Household tasks (i.e. Wash/dry/fold laundry, change light bulbs, etc.)
  • Blog/podcast posting (including grammar checks and light editing as needed)
    Not sure if I can help? Just ask!

Know more about Kate

In short, I do all the things! I work with clients to give them back their free time–whether it’s running simple errands, doing laundry, taking their car in for maintenance, or scheduling a blog post they’ve written, the tasks they give me help them keep their evenings and weekends open for the things they WANT to do. I always start by asking clients what they hate to do–the task they would LOVE to never have to deal with again. That’s where I come in! When you use Queen of To Do to cross things off your “honey do” list, it’s not just getting those things done. It’s getting your time back.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending my time with my boyfriend, Mike, and our son, Tiago (a very…energetic…5 year old with an astounding sense of humor, specializing in sarcasm). After many years lived in Iowa freezing 6 months of every year, I’m THRILLED to be settled here in Austin and try to get outside frequently, whether we’re hiking the greenbelts or just hanging out in our backyard. I love a good project and have a tendency to bite off a touch more than I can chew when it comes to home projects (gardens…upholstery….light fixtures… I can do all of it, but tend to get carried away from time to time!)

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