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What is ABLE anyway?

Austin Business Leads Exchange (ABLE) is a volunteer Business Networking Group of like-minded and motivated leaders who come together to provide focused and friendly networking opportunities to businesses of all sizes.

When does the group meet?

Every Thursday morning at 11:15am, rain or shine! Be sure to check our Meetup.com page to stay current with meeting location and other relevant information such as holiday schedule.

Where does the group meet?

Currently meeting are at Estancia to Mimi’s in the Arbor Walk shopping center from 11:15AM- 12:45PM every Thursday

Check our Meetup.com page to verify.

What are the meetings like?

Our meetings are fun! Arrive around 9:15 for a half hour of open networking until 11:15 am, be sure to order breakfast or coffee during this time — the food is great! At 9:45 to 11:45 am the structured meeting begins with introduction to the group and our mission, everyone will give a 30 second snippet of who they are and what they do, we will have a pre-determined speaker give a 10 minute presentation (this rotates each week, see Samantha about getting into the rotation), testimonials are shared, other networking events are shared, and the meeting adjourns at 1 pm. You are welcome to stay after and continue to network, set your 1 to 1’s, meet with people, continue conversations, etc.

Are there any rules for the group?

Pretty much no! If you need to text or email or do any kind of work during the meeting, that is totally Ok! If you need to take a call, please step outside. Please respect others while they are speaking, and please do not pass business cards and set meetings during the meeting. Use the pre-meeting and post-meeting networking time for that, so we can give each of our colleagues proper respect. Please also respect the 30 second timer for your 30 second “commercial.” With a big group we need to make this short and sweet.

Is it weird to show up if I have never been?

NO WAY! We LOVE and welcome first-timers! Every week we have first-time attendees so you will NOT be out of place!

Who do I ask for or see when I arrive for my first meeting?

A good place to start is with Samantha, who is usually sitting near the front of the room collecting money and signing everyone in. Erin will be mingling, make sure to say hi so we can give you a proper welcome! Next, meet everyone — These will soon become familiar faces!

Does it cost money to come to your meetings?

Every meeting is $5 prepaid, or $10 at the door.  There is no membership fees the  $5 contribution goes towards running the group and all extra collection goes towards charity. As we accumulate funds and will donate them when we have reached a certain milestone.

How do I get my profile page on your website?

We invite our members to have their own page on the ABLE website. A member is someone who comes to our Thursday meetings on a regular basis, more specifically, at least 2 out of every 4 meetings…twice a month. Of course, the more you come the more you will get out of this group, but at a minimum we ask for that sort of attendance record. When you are new, let one of us know when you have been to 3 meetings in a 6 week period, and we will give you instructions for submitting your photo(s) and bio for your ABLE webpage.

Who do I tell about referrals and business passed?

We LOVE to track the business that comes from the group! Send Erin an email to ErinJones@JBGoodwin.com with the details so she can add it to the log. Make sure you tell everyone about it during the testimonials segment of the meeting (towards the end)! Great job!

I want to tell everyone about another networking event

At the end of the meetings, we open the floor to announcements about other networking events.

How can I get my profile page up on this site?

Have you attended at least 4 meetings in last 2 months ?

Yes ! Then you are eligible to get your profile page up. Fill this form and on approval your profile should be up within one business day!

What is a 1-to-1?

1-to-1’s are a chance to get to know the other ABLE members on a deeper level, outside of our weekly meetings.

Spend 30 minutes, or 2 hours, just spend some time asking questions and finding out how you can help their business, as well as getting to know them as a person.

The weekly meeting is a good time to set appointments for 1-to-1’s, and at the next meeting you can let everyone know who you had 1-to-1’s with during the week.

Here are some sample questions:
“What is your favorite part of your business?”, “Tell me about some clients you’ve had recently.”, “Do you work on weekends and in the evenings?”, “Do you specialize in certain areas of Austin or do you work all over?”, “Who is your ideal referral?”, “What type of person would not make a good referral for you?”

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